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Social Media WireLists20 300pxMany of you have asked us about the best way to disinfect your equipment and work safely in light of the current health situation we're all navigating.

The first things you should review prior to anything else are the CDC guidelines, which are updated as the information evolves. These are official government health guidelines and will take precedence over anything that we will tell you, now or in the future.

This situation also offers you an unplanned proving ground - a silver lining to this, if you will. If you're working right now, our wireless technology will allow you to maintain more distance from your subjects and a wider circle of personal space than you may normally need, and you will still get great sound.

Social Media WireLists19 300pxAlong with the re-allocation of TV Frequencies in the US that were finalized in 2018 (and going into effect through July, 2020), regulations also have changed regarding the deviation of all new wireless microphone transmitters to a maximum of ±50kHz. For any questions about the spectrum re-allocations, repacks and new services in the 600 MHz band, see our page FCC & Spectrum Updates.

Since these changes were announced, many of you have called and written us, with understandable confusion: “Do I have to buy all new equipment?” “Is there any way that I can modify what I have?” This week’s post explains how this situation came about and what we and the industry have done/will do to make it easier for you.

* We are discussing transmitters and not receivers because only transmitters have a legal cutoff.

Social Media WireLists18 300pxIn the previous two Wired Lists, we discussed what Firmware Updates are, where to find them, and the software programs needed to install them. In this week's List, the final one in our Firmware series, we'll talk about updates for specific models. There is not a "one size fits all" approach for these models, and you'll need to dive a bit deeper, depending on your specific situation. Look at the serial number plate or label on your device to exactly determine the Lectrosonics model number, then use the following to determine the appropriate firmware load that you need.


The HHa Firmware page is here

As you can see, there are four different firmware loads available on the page. The HHa, HHa/E01, HHa/E06 and HHa/X
models require different firmware loads:

Social Media WireLists17 300pxIn last week's Wired List, we discussed what Firmware Updates are, where to find them, and the software programs needed to install them. In this week's List, we'll talk about products that require either Wireless Designer or the USB Firmware Updater program to perform firmware updates:

Products that require the USB Updater are:

First, ensure that you have the USB Firmware Updater utility. You can download versions of it, for Windows and macOS, here.

Social Media WireLists16 300pxWe’ve had a few recent inquiries through our Facebook page and Customer Service regarding firmware updates – along with some incidents where we discovered the incorrect firmware on a unit sent in for repair. The next three Wire Lists will cover the various pieces of equipment that require firmware updates and how to specifically go about performing them.

What Is Firmware And Why Should I Care About It?

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