Connect over the Network

For connections over Ethernet, two pieces of information about the receiver frame must be known:

Note: Each frame accepts connections on two TCP port numbers, known as the Primary and Secondary ports. The port number for the Secondary TCP port is not directly configured - it is always the next number after the port number of the Primary port. For instance, if the Primary port number is 4080, then the Secondary port number is 4081. The two ports operate independently and have the same functionality. The Secondary TCP port is useful for monitoring a frame using the Wireless Designer program while debugging 3rd party control applications (Crestron, AMX, IPad apps etc.) connected to the Primary TCP port. This prevents interference problems that can arise when Wireless Designer is connected to the same TCP port number as other control applications.

This information is configured for each frame in its Network settings tab. The IP address is typically provided by the network administrator or other person responsible for setting up the network used to connect DRs and controllers. For example, assume that the IP address is "", and  port number is "4080" (4080 is the factory default port setting for the Primary TCP port).

With this information at hand, choose Connect->Connect via Network... from the Main menu.

The Connect via Network Port dialog opens.

Enter the IP address in the IP Address field, and the port number in the TCP Port field. Click Search.

The control panel will search for a receiver frame at that IP address and TCP port. Any frames found will appear in the Wireless Devices Discovered list.

In this example, at IP address and Port 4080 we find DR s/n 6100003. Click on a frame to select it, then click OK to connect.

The connection is made and the frame appears in the Connected View. The status bar at the bottom will display the connection mode.

Multiple frames may be connected at the same time, but a separate connection must be opened for each. All connected frames are shown.

To disconnect from a frame, choose Connect->Disconnect From from the Main menu and select it from the submenu.

The connection to the frame will be closed without affecting any other connections.

When connected to more than one frame, choose All Devices from the Disconnect From submenu to disconnect from all.