Wire-Lists#13: Three HM Transmitter Hacks (aka “MacGyvers”) for Desperate Situations

Social Media WireLists13 300pxLet’s be upfront: While we don’t advocate hacking any of our products, sometimes things happen on the job that prevent you from stopping what you’re doing and sending your unit back to us. Necessity is the mother of invention and the work has to be done (preferably without alarming your client or your employer as to your ability to do it), so here are three temporary fixes, à la MacGyver, for your HM or HMa (or older UH) transmitter:

We want to stress again that we hope you’re not taking shortcuts on a regular basis. If your HM or any of your Lectrosonics equipment isn’t working up to par, or if you work in situations that stress your equipment, call your representative or our repair department for help and advice.

What kinds of “MacGyvers” have gotten you through jobs? We’d love to hear about them!