SB1010 - SM Battery Door Thumb Screw, Washer or E-Clip Replacement


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The SM transmitter battery doors must remain closed with a snug fit to maintain reliable battery contact. If battery doors become loose over time, it is necessary to replace the mechanism. The positive contacts and battery door threads may also get dirty and need to be cleaned to ensure proper function.

Thumb Screw Kits and Individual Parts


  1. Remove the battery door assembly from the transmitter by unscrewing the knob (hereafter referred to as the thumb screw) on the battery door.
  2. Using isopropyl alcohol and a Q-Tip, carefully clean the threads on the housing of the transmitter.
  3. Use a small slotted screwdriver to remove the e-clip from the thumb screw. Insert tip of screwdriver in notches of the e-clip to pop it off the screw. Remove the thumb screw from the door.
  4. Put the new washer onto the new thumb screw and then place them on the door.
  5. Add tape to the door to prevent scratching when applying the e-clip. Install the e-clip onto the thumb screw using pliers. Remove the tape after installing the e-clip.
    (Note: Any vinyl tape will work. The yellow tape pictured is for demonstration purposes.)
  6. Apply silver conductive paste to the thumb screw threads to improve electrical connection from the battery compartment through the housing on the transmitter.
    Silver Grease
    Open the vial and transfer a pinhead speck of silver conductive paste to the second thread from the end of the thumb screw. An easy way to pick up a speck of paste is to partially unfold a paper clip and use the end of the wire to acquire a tiny bit of paste. A toothpick will also work. An amount that covers the end of the wire is sufficient.
  7. Replace the battery door on the transmitter.