Factory Repairs

RepairDue to the complex nature of Lectrosonics products and the continuing growth of our product lines, factory-direct repair services are often the best choice for dealers and customers. In most cases, highly specialized test equipment is needed to properly diagnose, repair, and test Lectrosonics equipment.

Lectrosonics equipment is warranted for one year from date of purchase against defects in materials or workmanship provided it was purchased from an authorized dealer. This warranty does not cover equipment which has been abused or damaged by careless handling or shipping. (See your product manual or contact us for more information.) Warranty repair services cover parts and labor at no charge to the consumer. We may ask for your purchase receipt to prove date of purchase for warranty purposes. For out-of-warranty repairs, labor is charged on a flat rate fee basis. A published rate schedule is available upon request. All repair services include firmware updates and engineering changes to bring the product to current factory specifications. All services are provided in accordance with current FCC regulations.

Our products are designed to be stable over time. Tune-up and check-out of properly functioning equipment are not covered under the warranty. If requested, we will perform check-out of functioning equipment at the standard repair labor charge.

We service (and charge for) all equipment returned to us unless otherwise requested in writing. We recommend that items not requiring service not be sent in.

Turnaround time depends on the workload, which can vary considerably. All repairs are done in as timely a manner as possible. A longer turnaround can also result if a problem is intermittent and/or cannot be duplicated. Rush services may be available to expedite your repair for an additional charge. Please ask the Service Representative for current turnaround time and availability of rush service when arranging your repair order.

Always obtain a Repair Order number (RO#) before shipping any product to Lectrosonics for repair services. Arrange repair service by calling our service department at 1‐800‐821‐1121 (ask for the Service Department) or emailing

Repair Policy

To minimize repair turnaround times and operate efficiently Lectrosonics has in place the following repair policies:

For All Repairs:

When contacting the Service Department, have your model and serial numbers available. Explain the nature of the problem with your equipment – if it is determined that a repair is needed, the service representative will issue a Repair Order number (RO#) and give you an estimate and shipping instructions. We will ask for your payment information for non‐warranty repairs when issuing a repair order. If you are on location and need your equipment returned to an alternate address, let us know during the initial call and we will contact you for return shipping instructions upon completion of your order. Freight and insurance must be prepaid on all packages being returned to the factory.

Warranty Repairs:

If the unit is a warranty repair – as determined by the date of purchase or when we shipped it, we will issue the RO# and service the unit at no charge. If it has been used in such a fashion that the warranty is voided, then we will contact you with an estimate before continuing. This will happen only if damage to the unit is outside the factory warranty coverage, such as water damage.

Non-Warranty Repairs:

If the item is out of the warranty period, or there is any question regarding warranty status, we will provide an estimate upfront – a repair price range of the Labor Fee plus parts with a minimum/maximum charge. If the unit repair costs fall under the maximum estimate amount, your credit card will be charged the lower, actual amount and the unit will be repaired and returned. If it is determined that excessive repairs are needed which will exceed the maximum estimated amount, you will be contacted for authorization before we proceed with the repair. We will contact you ONLY if the repair exceeds the estimated maximum. If the estimate is declined, there will be a $99 diagnostic fee plus return shipping charges invoiced and we will return the unit un‐repaired.

Optional Services:

Lectrosonics offers the ability to change the operating frequency of transmitters and receivers by replacing the RF circuit board. This service is available for select models based on parts availability and conformance with current FCC regulations. Block change pricing and policies can be found here.

Occasionally, optional features may be added to your equipment for an upgrade fee. Contact a service representative for more information.

Service Warranty

Repairs performed at a Lectrosonics Authorized Service Center are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 90 days for the actual work done during service.

Unpaid Services:

All articles left for repair and not called for in 3 months will be sold for charges due pursuant to Section 48-3-22 through 48-3-27 NMSA 1978. In compliance with New Mexico state law, we will contact you in writing if you do not make arrangements to pay for your repair within 90 days of our original attempt to collect payment. You will have 30 days from the date of the written notice to make a payment or we will proceed according to state law to sell the equipment to recover the charges due.

NOTE: Products that appear to have had the serial numbers deliberately removed will NOT be repaired by Lectrosonics Authorized Service Centers.

We currently maintain a database of equipment that has been reported lost or stolen by the owner. If we receive an item for factory service that has been reported lost or stolen, we will make every possible effort to return the item to its rightful owner.

With these policies in place, we aim to streamline the service process and reduce our service turnaround time. Questions? Please call us at 1‐800‐821‐1121 or email

NOTE: Effective April 1, 2009, repair services for the following product lines will only be available from Jaycee Communications Inc.:

  • 185 Series (CR185, DR185, R185, M185, H185, T185, etc.)
  • 190 Series (UCR190, UR190, UM190, UM190B, UH190, etc.)
  • 195 Series (UCR195, UCR195D, UDR195, UR195, UM195, UM195B, UH195, etc.)

Jaycee Communications Inc. is a Lectrosonics Authorized Service Center and can undertake any repair, large or small, and you may use their services with the same confidence as our factory service, at comparable prices. Their contact information is listed below.

For U.S. Repair, Service & Support

Service & Support Locations

561 Laser Road NE
Suite 102
Rio Rancho, NM 87124 USA

Email: Service Department
Phone: +1 505 892-4501
Toll Free: 800-821-1121
Fax: +1 505 892-6243

Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM MST (GMT-7/GMT-6) Monday-Friday

Factory Authorized Service In New York City Metro:

Jaycee Communications Inc.

Mailing Address:
53-45 210 Street
Oakland Gardens, NY 11364

Canada Service & Support

Lectrosonics Canada
720 Spadina Ave , Suite 600 
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2T9

Phone: 416-596-2202
Toll-Free: 877-753-2876

United Kingdom Service & Support

Raycom Ltd
Unit 8 Abbey Lane Court, Evesham
WR11 4BY
United Kingdom

Main Tel: +44 (0) 1789 777 040

Audio Related Technology Ltd.

5 Phoenix Business Centre
Higham Road
Chesham, Buckinghamshire
United Kingdom

Phone:  +44 (0) 494 794 286
+44 (0) 494 794 269

Germany Service & Support

Ambient Recording GmbH
Schleissheimerstr. 181 C
Service department
80797 Munich


(NOTE: Have model number, serial number and block number ready before clicking on email link)

Spain Service & Support

Coel Audio Solutions
Consultores Electroacústicos, S.L. 

Barrio Elizalde, 25 Pabellón, 10 
48213 Izurza Vizcaya Spain

Tel: +34 946 202 338
Fax: +34 946 202 546

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