Lectrosonics Wireless Technology Helps "Long Island Medium" Theresa Caputo Make The Connection

Natural sound quality and exceptional range are key elements

Long Island Medium uses Lectrosonics Hicksville, NY – November 2013… She sees dead people, and for Theresa Caputo, communicating with them is her life. While there are those who dispute her abilities, Caputo’s gift has propelled her to fame - thanks in no small part to her show, the Long Island Medium (now in its fifth season), which airs on The Learning Channel (TLC). Caputo has taken her gift Live to the stage with Theresa Caputo LIVE The Experience. Theresa is able to connect with her audience by being right there with them, so the ability to take her message into the crowd is an integral part of her presence. Thanks to wireless microphone technology from Rio Rancho, NM-based Lectrosonics, every nuance of the conversation is crystal clear.

San Francisco, CA-based Jeff James is the Technical Director for Theresa Caputo’s LIVE The Experience. James’ professional background includes production management and tour direction for rock and roll artists Marilyn Manson, Megadeth, Social Distortion, and Pete Yorn as well as live to stage work for TLC’s Cake Boss and Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch. In addition to Caputo’s show, James has plenty of experience dealing with the challenges of miking the talent. He recently discovered the benefits of Lectrosonics’ Digital Hybrid Wireless® technology and has become very fond of the equipment.

For his work on The Experience, James reports using four Lectrosonics HH handheld transmitters outfitted with Shure SM58 capsules plus two SMQV super miniature beltpack transmitters for use with Countryman E6 microphones. He’s working with six channels – an ideal combination with the Lectrosonics Venue mainframe fully stocked with six VRS receiver modules.

“In my business, audio quality is always critical,” says James, “and in this regard, the Lectrosonics gear is exceptional. But what really makes all the difference is the dropout-free performance and range the system delivers. For Theresa’s live shows, we do large performing arts centers and arenas with capacities spanning anywhere from 2,500 to 8,000 people. Theresa’s live show is unique, as she spends 98% of the show in the audience and, at times, can be 200 feet from the wireless antennas.”

The compact form factor of the Lectrosonics SMQV beltpack transmitters are yet another attribute that James finds compelling. “Transmitter size is another very important factor,” he adds. “I needed a body pack that wouldn’t be overly obtrusive when a tight outfit was being worn. I am constantly surprised – and impressed - by the quality of the signal and audio produced by the SMQVs at long range. They’re absolutely rock solid!”

When you’re operating at this level, reliability is crucial. Likewise, if questions arise, quality customer and technical support services must be readily available and, on that note, James gives Lectrosonics high marks. “I really can’t say enough good things about Karl Winkler and the team at Lectrosonics,” James reports. “My background is not audio specific; in fact, I know just enough to make me dangerous! I am at the mercy of local audio engineers. The design of the Venue receiver is great - it’s very easy to use and set up. And on those occasions when crucial questions needed to be answered, Karl has always been happy to walk me through the issue.”

Before redirecting his attention back to the business of the day, James offered these final thoughts, “I’m a new convert to Lectrosonics - having used the equipment since just April of this year. And I have to say, I can’t evangelize enough when it comes to our system. I can work confidently knowing that signal loss isn’t going to be an issue when moving between various venue types on a daily basis. Concrete, steel, 3,000 human bodies: Lectrosonics cuts through everything. I always enjoy hearing the rave reviews of our Lectrosonics equipment from the local audio engineers after they use our system.”

To learn more about Theresa, visit her website www.theresacaputo.com. To learn more about the services of Jeff James, contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 415-794-8803.

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