Lectrosonics Supports American Cancer Society's Relay For Life Event

Wireless PA systems provide sound reinforcement

Pam Medley and Steve Edwards of Lectrosonics at the Relay for Life.Rio Rancho, NM, July 2007… Lectrosonics, Inc. recently supported the American Cancer Society’s annual Relay for Life event in Rio Rancho on June 22 and 23 with the loan of two Long Ranger IV systems for audio coverage. The event was held between 6PM and 9AM at the track & field arena at Rio Rancho High School. Michael Hetmer, event chair for the 2007 relay, contacted Karl Winkler at Lectrosonics for help with the sound system. According to Hetmer, “The 2006 event suffered because many people on the field or on the track could not always hear the music or the announcements.” Winkler suggested that two Long Ranger wireless PA systems be employed to provide coverage without the need for cables.

Winkler described the system used: “A stage was set up at the middle of one side of the track, where they had a DJ system and, later, a band. We pulled audio off the main DJ console and fed it to a single H175 VHF cube transmitter. The transmitter was powered with a 9V battery eliminator so that it could run all night. We rigged it to hang from inside the tent canopy so that it would not get wet if it rained, and would have a clear shot to the two Long Ranger systems. We then set the Long Rangers at each opposite corner of the field pointing in towards where the relay teams and relay walkers would be. They ran off of their internal batteries until night, when the generators were switched on for light. With just these two horn systems and the DJ speakers at the stage, we achieved fairly even coverage across the entire field.”

According to Hetmer, “This year it really helped to have the Lectrosonics system for audio. Everyone on the field could hear the announcements, the music from the DJ and, later, the band. We hope to have their support again for this event in 2008.” Winkler added, “We’re pleased to be able to support this important fund raising event for the American Cancer Society – it’s a worthy cause.”

About Lectrosonics

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