Lectrosonics Offers High Speed IAS RF Coordination Trial Licenses With All Wireless Systems

New 4.6 Upgrade Targets Live Tours With Accelerated RF Coordination

IAS Intermodulation RF Anylasis software screenshotRio Rancho: Lectrosonics will include a 15-day demo of Professional Wireless Systems' groundbreaking IAS Intermodulation RF Analysis software program with all new products beginning in August, 2007.

Introduced last year, the PWS IAS program sparked keen interest among FOH touring professionals. Enthusiastic response from early adopters inspired PWS RF expert / software developer Jason Eskew to design a suite of new features to address issues raised by intense real-world experience.

“Conversations with RF pros using IAS on the road confirmed the need to simplify multi-city coordination for touring gear, and inspired our new Coordination Re-Calculation feature” Eskew says. “Revisiting the program with a fresh perspective inspired a number of other modifications, including support for international broadcast standards,” he adds.

Invited to Lectrosonics’ Rio Rancho, NM headquarters last fall for training on new wireless systems, PWS General Manager Carl Cordes brought an IAS beta program to demo for company principal Karl Winkler and VP of Engineering Bob Cunnings. The demo prompted the Lectrosonics execs to suggest including IAS trial programs with all their new product shipments.

“Like many wireless system manufacturers we had developed an RF Analysis program, but it was limited to our own technology,” Winkler said. “IAS 4.6 is not only very fast, it has virtually universal applications. This PWS program represents an extremely useful addition to our wireless systems package. We are also making it available to existing clients for download on our website,” Winkler adds.

The IAS 4.6 update offers many innovative new features. These range from simplifying Excel applications to several versions of PAL, DVB-T, NTSC and ATSC (DTV) support for international broadcast standards. Other features include: automatically extending coordination range; updating algorithms for increased tolerance of hardware changes and OS re-installations; and generating selected model and preset frequency reports.

“The more systems we place in the field the more reliable feedback we receive,” Cordes said. “We serve licensed users well by making upgrades available at no charge. New users benefit from the field-proven upgrades. New versions install over the original program without the need to re-activate the license or disturb existing data. We are extremely pleased to have Lectrosonics include this innovative software with their new product shipments,” he concludes.

The PWS IAS 4.6 Intermodulation Analysis System enables RF technicians to reduce setup time by combining a database of wireless performance equipment from ANY manufacturer (AudioTechnica, Comtek.HME, Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, Shure, Telex/EV, Vega, and others. Coordination’s can be completed in as little as 10 minutes, and easily modified in the field.

New users may download a 15 day trial PWS IAS 4.6 program and get pricing information at www.professionalwireless.com/IAS

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Well respected within the film, broadcast, and theater technical communities since 1971, Lectrosonics wireless microphone systems and audio processing products are used daily in mission-critical applications by audio engineers familiar with the company's dedication to quality, customer service, and innovation. Lectrosonics is a US manufacturer based in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.