Lectrosonics Deployed At Louisiana State Employees Retirement System


ASPEN processor manages unattended audio for boardroom and conference center

LouisinaStateBaton Rouge, LA – May 2012… Managing the operation of a conference center’s audio system is generally not part of the average business person’s ‘technical repertoire,’ which is precisely why so many such facilities have on-site A/V technicians / operators. But for the Louisiana State Employees Retirement System, an easy-to-manage sound reinforcement setup was mandated as part of the design and installation requirements for the organization’s board room and conference facilities. After carefully evaluating the requirements of the project, Baton Rouge, LA-based Technical Services Group (TSG) deployed an ASPEN processor setup from Lectrosonics.

Technical Services Group is a design/build firm that provides a wide range of contracting services in commercial broadcast radio, television, audio, video, and control systems, including total engineering management, installation, design, maintenance, and service. Scott Richard, System Designer for Technical Services Group, discussed the challenges of the project and his decision to equip the facility with a Lectrosonics ASPEN SPN1624 audio processor and the SPN16i input expander.

“This facility consists of two sections: a boardroom and a conference center that is located immediately behind the boardroom,” explained Richard. “The boardroom is similar to a courtroom in that there is a dais at the front, a main floor for the attendees/audience, and a lectern located on the main floor to address the board members seated at the dais. The meetings that take place in the adjacent conference center are generally closed door sessions. Collectively, the seating capacity of these areas is approximately 200 people. We required an audio management system that could provide for the sound reinforcement requirements of each area—and that system had to be easy to operate, without the benefits of being tied into a larger control system.”

The Lectrosonics ASPEN SPN1624 audio processor provides 16 inputs and 24 outputs. The SPN16i input expander facilitates additional input capacity and features high-resolution, low-noise microphone preamplifiers with true 48 V phantom power for superior audio quality. The combination of these two Lectrosonics units provides automixing and DSP capabilities with full output matrixing. “The Aspen system effectively manages the two areas separately for speech reinforcement—including feedback suppression, compressors, etc.—and the system operates 24/7 without an operator,” Richard added.

Richard was particularly impressed with the ASPEN’s automixing capabilities, “In the conference room, we have 29 microphones set up with auto feedback suppression and mix minus one. The speakers’ position at the dais has overhead loudspeakers for monitoring the conversations that take place. With the mix minus one capability, each time a person begins speaking, his or her overhead loudspeaker mutes so as not to create any feedback, so the system is constantly switching the active microphones and monitor speakers throughout the meetings.”

While the Lectrosonics ASPEN processing systems are quite intuitive, Richard reports that Lectrosonics customer and technical support services were yet another important consideration in the deployment of this system. “I continue to be impressed with Lectrosonics’ support services,” Richard notes. “If I have any questions or concerns, I know I can contact the company and get right to the nuts and bolts of the issue without wasting time. Over the years, the company has been very helpful and it’s not the least bit uncommon for Gordon Moore, Vice President of Sales, to pitch in and get involved.”

The boardroom and conference center installation at the Louisiana State Employees Retirement System has been in service for several months at this point and, according to Richard, everything is working out exactly as was envisioned. “The system has performed beautifully,” Richard says. “The client expressively forbade any outside control, it had to be stand-alone—and that’s where the ASPEN processor really shines. Other than powering the system on or off occasionally, everything runs unattended. The ASPEN processor has been trouble-free and continues to provide exceptional performance. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

To learn more about Technical Services Group, visit the company online at www.tsgcom.com.

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