Comedy Central's "Workaholics" Flows With Lectrosonics

Great sound quality and dropout-free performance keep production on track

Comedy Centrals's Workaholics flows with Lectrosonics

Los Angeles, CA – December, 2014… For anyone who has ever worked in the conventional corporate office environment, the antics that take place on Comedy Central’s Workaholics inject an entirely new perspective on office politics. For the production crew tasked with capturing the interactions between the cast members, being ready for anything on a moment’s notice is crucial to the show’s success. And from the audio crew’s perspective, that means being able to count on wireless microphone technology from Rio Rancho, NM-based Lectrosonics.

Sound director/mixer Carlos Torres, sound mixer Bryan Aponte, boom operator Sam Vlahovic, and utility technician Mykl Rogers constitute the show’s audio crew. Emmy® Award winner Carlos Torres works in the areas of location sound, studio recording and live sound, broadcast, post production, and as a composer of original music. His versatility has led him to work in television, films, documentaries, and events such as the Pan-American and Central American Olympics. In addition to his work for Comedy Central, his television credits include work on Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune. Torres discussed his experience with Lectrosonics wireless microphone technology.

“Workaholics is now filming its fifth season,” Torres reports. “Currently, our Lectrosonics equipment arsenal currently includes four UM400, four SMQV, and two WM transmitters. These are used with six UCR210 receivers along with four UCR411 receivers. For IFB, we’re working with a combination of two SMQV super-miniature transmitters and eighteen IFBR1a beltpack IFB receivers. And rounding out our setup, we have two Lectrosonics UMCWB wideband multicoupler units, two ALP620 log periodic dipole array antennas, plus two RM remotes, which make it a snap to make changes to the transmitter without interfering with the talent’s wardrobe.”

“I’ve been using Lectrosonics equipment for at least ten years,” Torres continues. “I am consistently impressed with the audio quality of the equipment, the ease with which you can make RF adjustments to the setup, and, of course, the build quality. Wireless microphone equipment takes a lot of abuse in the field and our Lectrosonics gear just keeps on working, which is extremely important because you don’t ever want to be the one holding up production.”

The adaptability of the Lectrosonics equipment is yet another important factor for Torres. “Workaholics is a two camera show with lots of wide shots,” he explained. “We constantly have to choose our battles in terms of where the boom pole has no room to play, so having our Lectros being strong keeps the flow of the show going without having to compromise with the lighting and camera departments. The sound quality, the wireless range, the ease of operation—all of these factors contribute to the features that keep Lectrosonics ahead of the pack.”

Torres was equally complimentary of Lectrosonics customer and technical support services. “Lectrosonics offers great support,” he says. “Their technical staff understand what you’re looking to accomplish, so when you ask a question, you get help from someone who can genuinely offer quality assistance.”

Before turning his attention to an upcoming shoot, Torres offered these parting thoughts, “Lectrosonics is such a reliable product! In my opinion, it has no parallel for location sound. Lectrosonics equipment provides peace of mind and trust in the gear we use. The bottom line is that our livelihoods depend on the quality of the product we deliver—and Lectrosonics equipment delivers every time.”

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