Wireless Belt-Pack Instrument System

Model: R400a, LMb (Not Available in Europe)

    • 24-bit, 88.2 kHz digital audio stream for Compandor-free audio
    • 256 synthesized UHF frequencies
    • Rugged all-metal construction
    • R400a Receiver:
      • Low noise, robust RF front end
      • Independent XLR and 1/4" audio outputs
      • SmartTuning™ with graphic display for easy selection of clear RF frequencies
    • LMb Transmitter
      • Heavy duty wire clip for secure mounting
      • Level indicators for precise gain adjustment
      • 50 mW RF output for long range and dropout free performance

The IS400 Digital Hybrid Wireless system sets new standards for wireless guitar and bass. Flat frequency response, low distortion and compandor-free operation provides the closest thing to using a high-quality instrument cable. The system faithfully reproduces the lowest fundamental from a 5-string bass (low B) at 32Hz up to the very highest overtones and harmonics.

Artist That Use IS400

Dixie Chicks


Dan Crary

Pearl Jam

Bob Weir

Alex Lifeson

Stevie D. - Buckcherry

k.d. lang

Doug Aldrich

Eva Gardner (Pink)

Howie Simon

Marco Mendoza

Ricky Phillips - Styx

Carlos Santana

Johnny Hiland

Taylor Guitars

Ricky Martin Band

John Fogerty

The Killers

Michael Clair

George Pajon - Black Eyed Peas 

Duncan Coutts - Our Lady Peace

Phil Soussan

Frequency Response

Lectrosonics - IS400 Frequency Response Chart

Included Accessories

  • 1 - Instrument Cable (Your choice of Part #MI33PRA, #MI33PST, #MI39ARA, or MI39AST)
  • 1 - 9-Volt Battery (Part #40013)
  • 1 - Adjustment Tool (Part #35679)
  • 1 - Case (Part #CCIS400)
  • 4 - Rubber Feet (Part #35664)
  • 2 - Antennas (Part #A500RAXX)
  • 1 - Power Supply (Part #DCR12/A4U)
  • 1 - Manual

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