Venue 2 Firmware Revision History

WD Firmware Update v06Sep2022

Venue 2 v1.2.12

  • Refresh RX name on Main and RX detail pages in front panel UI when they are changed in Wireless Designer.
  • Report transmitter battery voltage in hundredths of volts, increase resolution of battery percentage display.
  • Now, if a receiver PLL is unlocked, the channel indicator on the RX detail page blinks.
  • In digital hybrid modes, tolerate longer pilot tone dropout periods before squelching to minimize noise-ups when signal is rapidly fluctuating. Does not not apply in talkback or refumaus modes.

WD Firmware Update v14Apr2022

Venue 2 v1.2.11

  • Allow Ethernet interface initialization at any time after device is powered on. Now the device can be powered on before the network is available.

WD Firmware Update v12Nov2021

Venue 2 v1.2.10

  • Fix bug causing iQ filter settings (a diagnostic function), to be lost when power is cycled.

WD Firmware Update v20Aug2021

Venue 2 v1.2.9

  • Correct reversed polarity of audio outputs on units with main board hardware version VRM2WB-0.

WD Firmware Update v01Feb2021

Venue 2 v1.2.5

  • Fix bug introduced in version 1.2.4 causing Smart Tune feature to sometimes fail to find new frequencies for one or more channels.

WD Firmware Update v05Dec2019

Venue 2 v1.2.4

  • Revise the "locale" scheme to adapt to changes in US and Canadian wireless microphone technical rules. Make choice of locales contingent on whether the frame operates on block 941 or not (model VRM2-941).
    • "US" - the default setting, covering 941.525 to 951.975, 952.875 to 956.225 and 956.475 to 959.825 MHz, the band plan authorized for the US. Used by previously released block 941 transmitters.
    • "CA" - a slightly modifed frequency plan for transmitters certified for use in both the US and Canada, covering 941.525 to 951.975, 953.025 to 956.225 and 956.475 to 959.825 MHz. This band plan is legal in both countries. These transmitters will have the "/E07" model number suffix.
    On all other bands, the locale selections are:
    • "NA" - for North America, this locale limits the tuning range on band B1 to 607.950 MHz, in keeping with FCC and ISED Canada technical rules. This locale setting takes the place of information previously entered at the beginning of a SmartTune operation on bands B1 and B2; now SmartTune only prompts for the transmitter's band or block, with coverage restrictions being indicated by the locale setting.
    • "JA" - for use with /E02 transmitters for the Japan market. Limits the tuning range on band C2 to 713.900 MHz to conform to radio law in that market.
    • "--" - meaning "other" locales outside Japan, the US and Canada; does not restrict tuning range.
  • During Smart Tune, the user is no longer prompted to select a locale when the frame has band B1 modules. This is handled by the global locale setting now.
  • In block 941 frames, force frequency of unpopulated or unpowered slots into the block 941 range to prevent display of frequencies outside the block in some cases.
  • Fix bug hiding the Narrow Band option in the TX menu on VRM2WBL and VRM2WBM frames.
  • Enforce high frequency limit of 607.950 MHz on band B1 when locale is "NA".
  • Fix bug preventing Smart NR from working in Nu Hybrid compat mode.
  • Disable Smart NR feature when operationg in Passthru mode.
  • Fix bug where Smart Tune process "hangs" on band C2 when locale "JA" is selected.

WD Firmware Update v04Sep2019

Venue 2 v1.2.3

      • Fix bugcausing NU Hybrid mode to be unavailable.

WD Firmware Update v14Aug2019

Venue 2 v1.2.2

      • Improve detection of block 941 modules during program start-up.
      • Fix bug in Smart Tune algorithm where channels with zero RSSI value were ignored, resulting in calculation of duplicate frequency suggestions in cases where the band is very quiet, especially on block 941.

WD Firmware Update v31Jul2019

Venue 2 v1.2.1

      • First production release of firmware with support for new frequency block 941. Operating frequencies are:
        • United States: 941.525 - 951.975, 952.875 - 956.225 and 956.475 to 959.825 MHz.
        • Canada: 941.525 - 951.975 and 953.025 - 959.825 MHz.
      • Add locale "CA" (Canada) used to invoke Canadian frequencies of operation in block 941. Other locales invoke the US frequencies of operation.
      • Fix bug causing a frequency scan initiated by Wireless Designer to be stopped and cleared if the user enters the scan page on the front panel user interface.

WD Firmware Update v12Mar2019

Venue 2 v1.1.16

      • Adjust supersonic noise squelch control to prevent increased audio distortion in certain uncommon cases where a transmitter is driven with signals containing large amounts of broadband high frequency energy, such as pink noise sources.
      • Made battery indicator on rx_detail page switch between percentage icon and voltage display.
      • Added a bounding box in all menus to better indicate selected option.
      • Fixed a bug that could potentially allow an antenna bias fault on antenna B go undetected.
      • "monselect" serial update command now accepts the value 0, which mutes all channels.

WD Firmware Update v15Jun2018

Venue 2 v1.1.13

      • Fix heat related 'lockup' and 'failure to boot when warm' problems exhibited by certain units.
      • Fix bugs in scan data query "rxscandata" where scan data was truncated and the number of data bins was incorrect for band A1.

WD Firmware Update v29Dec2017

Venue 2 v1.1.11

      • Add LB-50 rechargeable Li-Ion battery type (used in SSM transmitter).
      • Make power-off irrevocable if power button released any time in the countdown after the "BYE" message appears.

WD Firmware Update v18Sep2017

Venue 2 v1.1.8

      • Fix bug introduced in version 1.1.7 which causes modules in slot #6 to operate improperly.

WD Firmware Update v13Sep2017

Venue 2 v1.1.7

      • Increase robustness of serial command interface when polled by PC hosted client programs such as Wireless Designer.

WD Firmware Update v21Dec2016

Venue 2 v1.1.5

      • Add support for new VRT2 frequency band B2, which tunes covers narrowband frequency blocks 22, 23 and 24. Usable with any digital hybrid transmitter capable of transmitting within that frequency range, including /E01 transmitters on narrowband block 606.
      • Add special support for the Japan market, including JA specific emulation modes, frequency bands and a "JA" option in the "locale" setting in the system menu. Usable only with /E02 digital hybrid transmitters certified for use in Japan and available only there.
      • Wireless Designer version 1.2.14 or higher is required to access these new features.

WD Firmware Update v28Apr2016

Venue 2 v1.0.2

      • Fixed bug where Smart Tune ignored ratio diversity pair assignments, assigning separate frequencies for the members of a pair rather than a single frequency to both.

WD Firmware Update v10Jun2016

Venue 2 v1.0.3

      • Main front panel LCD view now shows channel names assigned by user in the Wireless Designer program, with the limitation that only the first 5 characters can be shown in the available space.
      • Improved "window detector" function to better avoid false unsquelching by adjacent channel signals in non-digital-hybrid compatibility modes.

WD Firmware Update v28Apr2016

Venue 2 v1.0.2

      • Fixed bug where Smart Tune ignored ratio diversity pair assignments, assigning separate frequencies for the members of a pair rather than a single frequency to both.

WD Firmware Update v16Feb2016

Venue 2 v1.0.1

      • Added support for narrow band block 606 for users in the U.K.
      • Added a "locale" selection menu to the Smart Tune page. This controls whether or not TV channel 37 is avoided when selecting frequencies in band B1. Locale "B1" allows the use of TV 37 frequencies, locale "B1 NA" (North America) does not.
      • Fixed a bug causing improper initialization of ratio diversity mode on powerup.
      • Improved ratio diversity audio blending for improved performance when signals are weak.
      • Fix anomalies in presentation of linked channel pairs when scrolling through RX detail pages.
      • Fix bug where narrow band block assignment not always recalled correctly on powerup for frequencies in the block 470/19 overlap region.

WD Firmware Update v09Dec2015

    • Initial public release.