M2Ra Firmware Revision History

WD Firmware Update v22May2024

M2Ra v1.14 (SUPER)/v1.03 (FPGA, H/W v0-0)/v2.02 (FPGA, H/W v1-0)

  • The LEDs Off feature now includes an "Always Off" option, which persists through a power cycle. The "Off" option no longer persists - the setting will be "On" the next time the device is powered up.
  • Fixed a bug where, when sending a flexlist, the device would always report that there was an error. Also, whenever there was a reported IR error, it would always display the sync error message.

WD Firmware Update v19Apr2024

M2Ra v1.13 (SUPER)/v1.03 (FPGA, H/W v0-0)/v2.02 (FPGA, H/W v1-0)

  • FlexList profiles now include a compatibility mode setting. This allows entries in the list to have differing compatibility modes.
  • Eliminated noise bursts heard when scrolling through flexlist profiles.
  • Made it possible for FlexList entries to use the D2 or HDM compatibility modes, in case transmitters with FlexList capability support those modes in the future.

WD Firmware Update v16Oct2023

M2Ra v1.10 (SUPER)/v1.02 (FPGA, H/W v0-0)/v2.01 (FPGA, H/W v1-0)

  • SmartTune feature now only suggests frequencies that are in range for the currently selected locale.
  • Fixed popping sound heard when changing compatibility mode.

WD Firmware Update v14Jun2023

M2Ra v1.08 (SUPER)/v1.02 (FPGA, H/W v0-0)/v2.01 (FPGA, H/W v1-0)

  • Added support for frequency band B1C1.
  • FlexLists may now contain frequencies which are outside of the receiver's frequency coverage. If so, such entries appear "grayed out" in the Listen menu.
  • SmartTune now prompts for a frequency band to be selected before scanning.
  • Scan data is now preserved when the receiver is powered off.
  • When scanning, the receiver is no longer automatically tuned.
  • The info screen at startup now shows the device's frequency band.

WD Firmware Update v02Feb2023

M2Ra v1.02 (SUPER)/v1.02 (FPGA, H/W v0-0)

  • Made changes to increase efficiency of factory testing process. No new features.

WD Firmware Update v06Dec2022

M2Ra v1.01 (SUPER)/v1.01 (FPGA, H/W v0-0)

  • Added D2 and HDM compatibility modes.