M2R Firmware Revision History

WD Firmware Update v20May2021

M2R v2.09 (SUPER)/v2.10 (FPGA)

  • Change battery type label from "Alkaline" to "Rechargable" on battery type menu page (Use of Alkaline batteries not recommended for M2R).
  • Always use IEM compatibility mode when listening to flexlist profile.
  • When viewing profile details by pressing MENU+UP on the "FlexList Listen" page, force use of the profile settings instead of the main settings.
  • Now, pressing MENU in the "FlexList Listen" page opens a new page named "Copy Profile". Here the user can copy the settings from the currently selected profile to the main settings.
  • Fix bug sometimes causing garbled audio at power-on caused by incomplete internal reset.
  • Fix low audio meter readings in IFB compatibility mode.

WD Firmware Update v01Mar2021

M2R v2.08 (SUPER)/v2.09 (FPGA)

  • Fixed a IFB mode bug introduced in FPGA v2.08 where receiver fails to squelch when pilot tone is dropped.

WD Firmware Update v09Aug2020

M2R v2.08 (SUPER)/v2.08 (FPGA)

  • Added lock/unlock keypad shortcut (hold UP+DOWN to lock/unlock).
  • Added JA locale.
  • Added always-on transparent NR algorithm for improved audio quality.

WD Firmware Update v24Jan2020

M2R v2.07 (SUPER)/v2.06 (FPGA)

  • Fixed bug wherein digital signal might not be acquired correctly (RF meter remaining white or audio being garbled) if carrier is already present when receiver is switched on.

WD Firmware Update v18Dec2019

M2R v2.07 (SUPER)/v2.05 (FPGA)

  • Added "Share List" command to FlexList menu. This allows wholesale transfer of the FlexList from one M2R to another via the IR link. To receive the shared FlexList, the recipient M2R need only be powered on and within IR range.

WD Firmware Update v05Nov2019

M2R v2.06 (SUPER)/v2.05 (FPGA)

  • Added AU locale to support use with new model M2T/E06 for Australia.
  • Added shortcut to Flexlist Listen page (BACK+UP from main page or from main menu).

WD Firmware Update v26Nov2018

M2R v2.05 (SUPER)/v2.05 (FPGA)

  • Fixed bug in diversity receive system which caused it to be inoperative or to underperform.

WD Firmware Update v08Nov2018

M2R v2.05 (SUPER)/v2.04 (FPGA)

  • Switched to new high-resolution audio format which delivers superior performance. This new format is NOT compatible with the original Duet format. If this version is used, all components of the Duet system, M2T and M2R, must be upgraded for interoperability. Alternatively, newer components may be downgraded to v1.x firmware for use with older components if desired.
  • The audio output limiter has two new pregain settings, -3 and -6, for quieter output when required.
  • The audio output limiter settings page now has a gain reduction meter.
  • The audio output limiter can now be switched off altogether if desired.
  • Audio meters have been rescaled, placing zero at the top of the scale. Also, the indicators now turn yellow at -6 dBFS instead of -20 dBFS.
  • Indicator LEDs can now be turned off. On the main screen, the UP and DOWN arrow buttons can be used to do this.
  • The volume control taper is now selectable: log (default) or linear.
  • The master volume control can now be locked. An indicator of volume lock status now appears on the main screen.
  • A bug which caused poor RF performance in FlexList Listen mode in certain cases has been fixed.
  • Correct reversed audio polarity in headphone output.

WD Firmware Update v23Aug2018

M2R v1.12 (SUPER)/v1.12 (FPGA)

  • Fixed bug which sometimes caused poor RF sensitivity in FlexList "Listen" mode.
  • Corrected reversed polarity of audio output.

WD Firmware Update v20Feb2018

M2R v1.11 (SUPER)/v1.11 (FPGA)

  • Added "Earphone Type" selection. When "Mono" is chosen, a mono (tip/sleeve) headphone plug may be used without shortening the battery life. Select "Stereo" when using a stereo (tip/ring/sleeve) headphone plug.

WD Firmware Update v25Jan2018

M2R v1.10 (SUPER)/v1.11 (FPGA)

  • Added, frequency, numerical volume setting and mix mode indicators to the main display page.
  • Added SmartTune feature.
  • Further improvements to squelch operation to prevent loud drop-outs.
  • Doubled the scanning speed.

WD Firmware Update v13Dec2017

M2R v1.03 (SUPER)/v1.06 (FPGA)

  • Apply log taper to volume control for finer resolution at low levels.
  • Improved squelch operation to prevent loud drop-outs.

WD Firmware Update v16Nov2017

M2R v1.03 (SUPER)/v1.02 (FPGA)

  • Fix bug causing erasure of the unit's serial number when the "set to factory defaults" feature was invoked.

WD Firmware Update v25Oct2017

M2R v1.02 (SUPER)/v1.01 (FPGA)

  • Further improvement of RF meter accuracy.
  • Change default frequency to 512 MHz to match M2T.

WD Firmware Update v12Oct2017

M2R v1.01 (SUPER)/v1.01 (FPGA)

  • Improved accuracy of battery "percentage remaining" reporting.
  • Improved accuracy of RF signal strength metering on both main screen and in scan function.