M2 Duet System Overview

Duet MT2 M2R 4x3 with Shadow

Includes Models: M2T and M2Ra (plus the DCHT transmitter)

The new, next-generation M2Ra receiver pack for the Duet Digital Wireless system offers superior RF and audio performance including true stereo imaging, a re-designed menu structure for ease of use, and additional compatibility modes for encrypted use. Since its original introduction in late 2017, the Duet Digital Wireless Monitor System (IEM) has included features not found on any other system and remains the only professional digital IEM platform on the market. The M2Ra also includes direct compatibility with Lectrosonics mono digital transmitters.

The Duet system is twice TEC Award nominated, and is featured in this user profile story about the Foo Fighters 2023/24 World Tour.

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