Software Installer

This file contains the installer for the LecNet2 software package (Venue and LecNet2 software are bundled together).

Unzip this file to a temporary folder on your hard drive, and open this folder using Windows File Explorer. Run Setup.exe to install the LecNet2 Software Programs.

Release 29Jan2013

This release contains an update to VR Control Panel (v3.2) which adds support for the new "Mode 7" analog compatibility mode. There are no other changes.

The LecNet2 Software Installer installs the following programs:

DM812 Control Panel 1.5.2
DM1612 Control Panel 1.5.2
DM1624 Control Panel 1.5.2
DM84 Control Panel 1.3.2
DMTH4 Control Panel 1.2.1
DMPA12 Control Panel 1.0.2
VR Control Panel 3.2
Command Terminal 1.3.1
Net Server 1.1.3
LectroLink Utility 1.2
D4 Update Utility 1.0

 This is the installer included in the LecNet2 Installation Disk release of  29Jan2013.

LecNet2 Software Installer
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