DBSM - Firmware Download

Below are links to the current firmware versions for the DBSM and DBSMD transmitters.

These are zip files, after downloading extract them into a temporary folder. Each contains 3 files, one for the microcontroller, one for the FPGA, and one bootloader file. Follow the instructions in the DBSM Instruction Manual to update firmware. If you encounter problems while updating the firmware please contact the factory for assistance.

Click here for DBSM Firmware Revision History

Click here for DBSM/E01 Firmware Revision History

How do I decide which firmware version is right for my transmitter?

  • If you have DBSM or DBSMD version 2.xx firmware, download dbsm_m204-f200-b2.zip.
  • If you have DBSM or DBSMD version 1.xx firmware, download dbsm_m107-f101-b2.zip.
  • If you have DBSM/E01 or DBSMD/E01 version 2.xx firmware, download dbsm_e01_m204-f200-b2.zip.
  • If you have DBSM/E01 or DBSMD/E01 version 1.xx firmware, download dbsm_e01_m107-f101-b2.zip.
DBSM Firmware Update v1.07/v1.01/v2
DBSM Firmware Update v2.04/v2.00/v2
DBSM/E01 Firmware Update v1.07/v1.01/v2
DBSM/E01 Firmware Update v2.04/v2.00/v2
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