Updating DNT Device firmware

The control panel is used to download firmware updates to a DNT device. The Update Wizard guides you through the steps of the update process. Since a failed firmware update can leave the device in an unusable state, it is important to follow the instructions in the Update Wizard exactly.

Firmware updates are distributed as a file whose name follows the pattern "DNT16i-vX_X_X.update", where "DNT16i" is the name of the device and the "X_X_X" is a placeholder for a firmware version number. For example a firmware update for version number "1.1.12" would have the filename "DNT16i-v1_1_12.update". The dots normally used to separate the three parts of the version number are replaced with underscores in the filename for clarity.

Before starting make sure that the proper update file is on hand. Connect the DNT device to a PC with a USB cable. The update process is possible only using a USB connection. Start the control panel software on the PC.

Step 1

Choose Connect->Update Firmware... from the Main Menu.


 The DNT Firmware Update Wizard will open:


Step 2

The first page of the Wizard displays instructions for the process of forcing the device into update mode. Follow them carefully and then click Next to move on to the SELECT DEVICE TO UPDATE page:


Step 3

If a DNT device was detected on the USB port then it will be listed here. Use the mouse to select the device you wish to update. If it doesn't appear in the list, check the USB cable. Once the device is selected, click Next to move on to the SELECT UPDATE FILE page:


Step 4

Here you may type in the path to the update file, or click on the "browse" button next to the filename field. This opens the Open dialog:


Use the dialog to navigate to the location of the update file and select it. Click Open to finish.


Step 5

Click Next to move on to the PROCEED WITH FIRMWARE UPDATE page:


Confirm the device Id, serial number and firmware file selection, then click Start Update to begin the firmware update. The update is made in two stages: an update of the DSP firmware, followed by an update of the microcontroller firmware. The progress bar indicates the status of each update stage. Here is a typical view of the DSP firmware update stage:


This is followed by the microcontroller firmware update:


The text over the progress bar indicates which stage is in progress. The entire process will take 15 minutes or so. When the update is finished, a message will appear:


Click OK to dismiss the message. At this point the process is complete and the Wizard will be ready to close:


Click Finish to close the Wizard.

Cycle power to the device to restart it. The blue Status power indicator on the front panel should come on solidly.  At this point you can connect to the newly updated DNT device with the Control Panel.