Wireless Designer™


WirelessDesigner-LogoThis program provides an overall view of Lectrosonics wireless systems, including all receiver mainframes connected. The display is scalable to fit any screen size and several color themes are provided. Frequency coordination is fast and thorough. Scan data may be imported and used in the coordination. When individual carriers are moved manually, compatibility is instantly recalculated and displayed. Powerful spectrum scanning and walk test recorder features make site surveys easy.
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Supported Models:

  • DSW Series (DR)

  • Venue 2 Receiver (VRM2WBL and VRM2WBM)

  • Venue Receiver (VRMWBL and VRMWB "wideband")

  • Duet Digital IEM System (M2T/M2R)


Software for Windows® operating systems:

Software for Mac® OS X operating systems:

Note: The Apple Safari web browser no longer supports installation of Silverlight applications like Wireless Designer. Existing installations will continue to work normally, but new installations must be made using version 52 ESR (Extended Support Release) or earlier of the Mozilla Firefox browser. If Firefox is not installed, click here to download Firefox ESR 52 for OS X. Click the Firefox 52 link to show the version 52 ESR installer options. Download the version appropriate for your language and operating system. Double-click the downloaded file to run the installer and open Firefox. 

  • Wireless Designer:
    • Using only the Firefox web browser, click here to open Wireless Designer. If the Firefox Silverlight plugin has not been used before you will be prompted to "Activate Silverlight" before Wireless Designer loads.
    • After Wireless Designer loads, right-click on the page and choose "Install Wireless Designer onto this computer..." from the pop-up menu. A dialog box will open to confirm, click "Install" to proceed.
    • A dialog box will open to announce that Wireless Designer has been added to your downloads folder. Click the "Open Downloads Folder" button and drag Wireless Designer onto the Dock or into your Applications folder.
    • Double-click Wireless Designer to launch it. The first time you launch it you may receive a "Wireless Designer can't be opened..." warning. If so, click "OK" to dismiss the warning and perform the following steps immediately:
      • Open the Apple "System Preferences" application and double-click the "Security & Privacy" icon.
      • Near the bottom of the "Security & Privacy" pane you should see the message "Wireless Designer was blocked from opening because it is not from an identified developer."
      • Click "Open Anyway". Another warning dialog box opens, click "Open" to launch Wireless Designer. This only needs to be done once, Wireless Designer will launch normally thereafter.
    Note: if Wireless Designer is already installed you must uninstall it before attempting to install a new copy. To do this, launch Wireless Designer, right-click and choose "Remove this application..." from the pop-up menu. Drag the Wireless Designer Dock icon to the desktop to remove it.
  • USB Adapter for Mac OS X (New!)


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Using Wireless Designer™ on Mac® OS X with Venue over Ethernet

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