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ASPEN School

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ASPEN School is…
An intensive one day class on the ASPEN series of digital audio processors. Topics covered include:

  • ASPEN System Design – Overview of various models and design considerations.
  • System set-up using the ASPEN Control Panel software – Gain structure, EQ, mixing, AEC, etc. along with the preferred workflow for programming large projects.
  • Dante Audio Networking – Linking two or more Dante enabled ASPEN systems together, along with other Dante enabled audio devices.
  • Remote Control using rear panel logic
  • Macro creation and programming – using variables, and conditional statements.
  • Introduction to the ASPEN iPad/Droid developer’s kit – Creating custom control solutions using iPhone/iPad/Droid devices.


We also recommend attending a Syn Aud Con seminar. These are outstanding audio training courses covering a variety of information from audio and electrical grounding to gain staging to acoustic issues

Who Should Attend ASPEN School?

  • System designers - to develop a more flexible design approach.
  • System programmers – to minimize control system programming time.
  • Installers/Service Techs - to reduce troubleshooting time by doing it right the first time.

What Are the Benefits?

Improved systems sales, design and installation with reduced call backs on-site mean better system reliability, higher margins and improved bottom line.

Enrollment is limited to 10 people per session.

How do you Attend or Request a School?

ASPEN Schools are arranged and held in various locations as needed. Contact your regional sales representative or the factory for information on an upcoming school in your area.

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